'TH1F' object has no attribute 'SetFillColorAlpha'

Hi everyone,

I recently installed root and pyroot on my new machine. Could you tell me why my TH1F classes do not own the method SetFillColorAlpha?

Any hint is taken thankfully.

I run Root Version 5.34/14


It should have it … inherited from TAttFill … if not it means your ROOT version is too old.

Well as I posted: My root version is the actual release. And it has not.

Can it be that it’s missing in the python interface only?

Try to call “root”, then type:
root [0] TH1F::SetFillColorAlpha
and press the “tab” key twice and you should get:
void SetFillColorAlpha(Color_t fcolor, Float_t falpha)
root [0] TH1F::SetFillColorAlpha(

The actual version for 5.34 is 5.34/32
root.cern.ch/drupal/content/roo … ease-notes
you have 5.34/14

Thanks for the input. I checked wheter it is in python only like Wile said and it is not. I guess i try to upgrade to 5.34/32.Does anybody know where I can read, at what time/Version a methode was added? Other than trial and error?

It seems that ROOT 5.34/19 is the first one with SetFillColorAlpha, but I think you should take the latest one.

Thanks for the info. Could you have a look at [url=https://root-forum.cern.ch/t/gx11-so-dll-dylib-sl-dl-a-does-not-exist/19648/5 post[/url] since i am trying to rebuild root correctly now?

Cheers and many thanks!