TH1F fillColor not working

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I read histograms from a file in a loop (actually 3 loops) and I want to give it a Fill color in order to use it in a stack after the loop. However, SetFillColor() doesn’t seem to affect the histo, the only thing that works is SetMarkerColor(). But I would like to use the fill to visualize the stack better.
You will find my code attached.
(Btw, I tried doing it seperately without the loop, and it works nicely :frowning: )


reform_step2_stack.C (4.8 KB)

We cannot run your macro:

Error in <TFile::TFile>: file output2/intermediate_F_mJJ_v1.root does not exist

Can you post an example we can run reproducing the problem ?

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Sorry, I just included the input file, now it should work. (77.7 KB)

    TCanvas *c1= new TCanvas();
    TCanvas *c2= new TCanvas();

Thanks couet, indeed now i see the fill in the histogram. Now regarding the stack, which is my goal, what should I do to see the Filled area there? I mean I would like to have the default plotting option that and also the filled area of the stack that I see in the first plot here:
Right now, I add to the stack histograms that are already filled. (77.7 KB)

Drawing the stack with option HIST or (may be netter) adding option HIST to individual histogram option when you add them to the stack should make it.

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