TH1D default drawing style

Hello guys.

Yesterday, i built a new computer system. And i installed the root version 6.08/04 at Ubuntu.
My Previous root version is 5.34/36 at Linux.
The problem happens when i drawing test histogram using TH1D.
I set for drawing option like,

TH1D * hist_1 = new TH1D("hist_1","test",180,0,90);
for ( int = 0; i < 45 ; i++){
     hist_1->Fill ( i*2 , value); // value = input landau function
hist_1 -> Draw();

what i expected results is,

But the results is,

I don’t know why default option is changed. Can i return this issue to my previous root like?

Not only this simple test, but also this error bar drawing issus happens when using “Scale” function.

Is there any idea of this? Even small hint is very welcome.

ROOT Version: 6.08/04
Platform: Ubuntu
Compiler: Not Provided

When and histogram has some errors in its structure the default drawing option is (since some time now) the “error one”. Use option HIST to draw such histogram an you will get what you had before.

Dear couet,

Thank you for your reply,
Now that issue is solved. Thanks a lot!
By the way, Can i changed the default drawing option by any chance?


No. It is fixed. You can also try h->Sumw2(kFALSE);

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