TGraphPolar Axis Color


is there any possibility to change the color of the axis and the circle of a TGraphPolar?
Something like: PolarGr1->GetPolargram()->SetAxisColor(16);

The problem is that the TLegend is sometimes hard to read as the axis/ circle of the polar graph is crossing it. So a more greyish color would be helpful :slight_smile:

As I am using the #splitline command in TLegend I do not know how to set up a Box for the Legend correctly to paint over the axis/circle of the Polargraph.

Thank you!

can you post a small example showing what you already have ?

Hi Couet,

Thanks for paying attention :slight_smile:

as the code is quiete long and not to structured i am posting a picture.
hope that is fine, otherwise i will post some code later…

SetLineColor on the Polagram changes the color of the grid.


But it seems the external circle uses the general current default line color. It can be changed using:


Thanks Couet!

That is what I needed :slight_smile:

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