TGraphErrors doesn't work on Fedora 16

Hi everybody, today i’ve recognized a problem.
I am not shure if it could be a bug, so i want to ask here first.

I’ve compiled root without issues on my 64 bit fedora system.
I want to generate a graph with error bars within a macro so i include TGraph.h in my header and add a new Graph

but when i want to compile the macro with:

i get the following error message:

The curious thing on that error is that when i want to generate a normal Graph with:

it works.
What also works is the construction of a TGraphErrors within the Interpreter as far as i tested it.

Mayby someone here can give me a hint whats wrong?

Thanks in advance


#include “TGraph.h” /* for TGraph /
#include “TGraphErrors.h” /
for TGraphErrors */


thank you very much.
But i have to ask out of curiosity:
Why including the specific header wasn’t necessary in the past?

Thanks again.

Headers are not needed when you use the interpreter, but are needed when you use Aclic (compiled code).