TGraphBentErrors variable question

What is the meaning of these variables in TGraphBentErrors:

33 Double_t *fEXlowd; ///<[fNpoints] array of X low displacements
34 Double_t *fEXhighd; ///<[fNpoints] array of X high displacements
35 Double_t *fEYlowd; ///<[fNpoints] array of Y low displacements
36 Double_t *fEYhighd; ///<[fNpoints] array of Y high displacements

I want to direct the x high error (which is a fixed length) at a certain angle theta, just as you would
direct a vector of length r at a certain angle theta.

How do I do it?

Thank you very much for any reply!

If for example I set the fEXhighd to be a constant for all points on my scatter plot, this affects the points differently: For all points I did the following

I am confused why the points have different errors when they were assigned the same constant value.

They allows to shift the errors a bit. This is useful when you have several plots in the same pad to make the errors more visible when the pad is really cluttered .

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