I am trying to get a TGraphAsymmErrors ploted in the same way as a standard Histogram. I am missing though the option which connects the points with straight (horizontal/vertical) lines as the standard draw() option does for TH1

thanks Michael

Well so I dont think it is solved because what I want to have is the TGraphAsymm look like a standrad histogram plot. Basically like a Bar hist without the lines going all the way down to the bottom. A stepfunction connecting the points. I have now transformed the Graph into a hist and set the bin content and upper and lower error but it seems a bit tedious to me

cheers Michael

Do a GetHistogram and draw the histogram.
Or change the bar width …

With getHistogram the whole asymmetric errors are lost so the suggestion is plotting the errors with asymm and the line with histogram?

make a variable bin size TH1D from the graph data.

well I just ended up having a hist and a tgraphasymm and plotting the errors with the one and the shape with the other thanks for your help