TGraphASymmErrors Labels

I am using ROOT 6.12/04 version for overlaying two TGraphAsymmError plots from two files. I cannot see the X and Y axis and the title of the final histogram.
I am trying the following lines, but the macro crashes.

TCanvas* c1 = new TCanvas("c1","c1",800,600);

TFile *f0 = TFile::Open("/Users/shreya/Lead_Si_d0_track/Lead_Si_nod0_noTrack.root");
TFile *f1 = TFile::Open("/Users/shreya/Lead_Si_d0_track/Lead_Si_d0_Track.root");
TDirectory *d0 = nullptr;
TString tdir = "PassTrackQuality_veryloose20170713";

f0->GetObject(tdir, d0);
 for (TObject* keyAsObj : *(d0->GetListOfKeys())){
        auto key = dynamic_cast<TKey*>(keyAsObj);
        if((TString)key->GetClassName() == "TH2D") continue;
        TGraphAsymmErrors * h_10  = (TGraphAsymmErrors*) key->ReadObj();
        TString histName = TString(key->GetName());
        TGraphAsymmErrors *h_20 = (TGraphAsymmErrors*)f1-&gt;Get(tdir+"/"+   histName );
       TString append = "";
        if(histName.Contains("et4")) append = ", 4 < E_{T} < 7 GeV";
      TString title = "";
        if(histName.Contains("eta0.00")) title = TString("0 < |#eta| < 0.6") + append;
 h_20->Draw("P SAME");
 h_10-> GetXaxis()->SetTitle("LH discriminant");
 h_10->GetYaxis()->SetTitle("Fraction of events");


It crashes at GetXAxis
[/Applications/root_v6.12.04/lib/] TGraph::GetXaxis() const (no debug info)
The TString append also does not work, which is used to write some text in the plot.

Is there something I am missing here, the code works for histograms but not from TGraphAsymmErrors…
Any help is appreciated !

Thank you

Do you see the plots if you do not set the titles ?


 h_10-> GetXaxis()->SetTitle("LH discriminant");
 h_10->GetYaxis()-> SetTitle("Fraction of events");

Thank you, fixed now !


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