TGraph2D limits?

Dear experts,
I’m having troubles drawing a special array using TGraph2D. The problematic
region is a pretty narrow hole stretched from bottom to top (see fig.). TGraph2D ignors the hole probably due to smoothing using D. triangles.
Drawing the problematic region in a separate TGraph2D and overlaying it
doesn’t help - the region is corrupted. Only TH2F helps for the last operation but it requires me to put the data to TH2F by hand. The region
under question is on the left in red - I’d like to have it in white.
Please could you advise: is there any other more elegant way to draw narrow regions, possibly smoothed and in white?
Thank you very much,


TGraph2D w5 = new TGraph2D(1701,m,tb,sigma);
h5 = w5->GetHistogram(“h5”);
double contours[5]={0,0.2,1.0,10.0,20.0};
Int_t colors[5] = {9, kBlue, kGreen, kYellow, kRed};
TExec ex = new TExec(“ex”,“gStyle->SetPalette(5,colors);”);
f5 = new TH2D(“f5”,"",100,130.7,250,100,10,50);
TH2F* h6 = new TH2F(“h6”,"",130,130,143,21,10,50);

h6->Draw(“colsame”); (340 KB)

Your macro is not complete, so I cannot try it myself. May you provide some running example showing the problem ?

Mean while you can also read:

Thank you for looking at. I’m sending the macro and the input file.

Cheers, Marek
hhbin2-mhmax-msusy1000.txt (370 KB)
marek.C (4.16 KB)

Can you try to plot with “cont4 same” instead of “contcolzsame” (which is a bit weird because it seems you want to see contour AND COL plot at the same time for same histo… very confusing)

I think option “COLZ SAME” is better even …

I just looked a bit further… seems to e “h5” is fine according The “w5” content. I do not really understand what you think is wrong.