TGraph2D is not updated


In the attached script, I once draw a 2d graph and redraw it after shifting the graph data. But the painting is not updated although the data are changed.
Could anyone tell me what is wrong?

Thank you
data.txt (9.13 KB)
graph2.C (272 Bytes)

For me plot changes after hitting . The change is more visible if you use the option TRI instead of CONT.

Thank you for your realy, and I am very sorry for late reply. My account had been somehow inactivated.

In my examples, the graph is supposed to shift by -50 along Y axis.
It does change with “tri” option, but not with other options.
After some trial and error, I had found that executing

and updating the pad reflects the data change to the plot.
Is this the expected behavior?

Yes it is ok to do that.