TGraph wrong values


I have a TGraph with a set of points that are connected with linear splines.
When I use the function Eval(), I expected to see the interpolated values to be exactly on the TGraph splines, but this is not the case. When I plot the points on top of the TGraph, (the ones I got using Eval) they are not perfectly on the TGraph splines. am I using the wrong function?


how do you use TGraph::Eval() exactly? How many parameters of this member function do you set? If it’s only one, maybe you could try TGraph::Eval(x, 0, "S")?

How to you do that ?

Hi @yus and @couet,

I just give the x value, without specifying the other option, but I just tried Eval(x, 0, “S”), and it’s still not helping I’m afraid

Can you post your macro ?

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