TGraph points as upper limits


I was wondering if it was possible to show data points as upper limits (like an arrow of fixed length pointing down, with a bar on the top end) in some way without manually drawing arrows into the final graph. A search on the forums only came up with someone juryrigging a solution which did not work in all situations (e.g. with log axes) and it seems puzzling to me that such a feature does not exist.


You are the first one requesting this unusual feature.
Instead, I suggest to look at the exclusion graphs. see examples in
$ROOTSYS/tutorials/graphs/exclusiongraph.C, exclusiongraph2.C


Actually I got such requests in the past and I wrote some macros doing that.
See the two attached examples. They may help you.
gerrors.C (744 Bytes)
arrerr.C (817 Bytes)

Those two macros indeed are very helpful. Thanks a lot!