TGraph lines connecting points

I create a TGraph in a C++ program, append it to the file, close and write the root file.

Running interactive ROOT, I open the root file above, click on the TGraph,
and it always displays with lines connecting the points. Is there a way
to set the options before the TGraph is written to the root file so that
the default display is without lines connecting the points?

I can manually make the lines disappear by clicking on one and
setting its attributes to ‘no line’, but I would like to not have
to do that every time.

You should draw the graph without the option L or C.

Not sure how to do this interactively once the TGraph is already stored in the root file.

I “draw” it not with a command but with a double-click, hence no opportunity to specify the option.
Somehow the default option seems to be with connecting lines, and unlike TH1 I have not
been able to find a way to store this desired behavior before I “Append” to the root file
from the C++ program.

Oh you do it from the TBrowser ? … there is the plotting option somewhere on the browser… change it.