TGraph Draw() not filling the entire bounded area


I have a little problem with plotting a graph and getting it to fill properly. I won’t post the whole code because it is quite long but what I am doing is:

TGraph* g = new TGraph(8);

g->Draw(“lpf same”);

I’m drawing a graph and coloring it in with hatches. The problem is that the hatches do not entirely fill the area that they are supposed it (it’s not a problem of having the first and last endpoint the same since they are the same). However, if I go the drawn canvas and drag the region to another place on the canvas, the entire area is filled like it is supposed to be (but now it’s not in the right location).

Has anyone encountered this issue before and know how to fix it?

Thanks in advance,

  • Matthew

I cannot reproduce your problem. (not sure I fully understand it either).