TGraph and drawing with option 5

Dear ROOT support,

Sorry in advance if this post has been solved before, after so many years I imagine that it has appeared before but I am not finding an answer.


claims that there is an option 5 of Draw() that plots errors as filled rectangles with a line around them. I am using it and it seems to do nothing and after much digging in root I found:


where there seems not have any line of code to deal with that option, at least in TGraphPainter::PaintGraphAsymmErrors.

am I doing something wrong?

Thanks in advance!


Which ROOT version? It seems to me that “5” should be known to ROOT 5.32 and newer only.

that makes sense, I was looking at a version of the code that did not match the documentation. Thanks a lot!! just one last thing…there is not any possibility to set separate colors for each of the four error bars, right?

You should check the doc according to the version you are using:

you mean different color for each bar ? no … you will need to create a TMultigraph for that with a graph for each color.

OK, I see, thanks a lot.

Sorry again for coming back to this topic but I have updated my root version to 5.34/05 and I have used option 5 and this is the results that I got (see attachment). If you have a look at the x axis you see that part of it is orange, I think the reason is because there area points below the low y limits. Not a big deal, I can solve that easily. I am sending it to you just in case you want some feedback about the new feature.
R06_JIXSAll.pdf (22.7 KB)

At the end of your macro, do: