TGLViewer missing in 6.14?

_ROOT Version:6.14_00
_Compiler:gcc (GCC) 7.3.1 20180130

I recently upgraded to 6.14 and find that TGLViewer.h, which my code uses, is not present in the binary distribution, though it is in the reference documentation for that version. Is this an error, or does it just mean that I have to build it myself from source specified an additional module?

I thought this was a commonly used utility?

It is present in my root master:

$ find . -name TGLViewer.h -print

and in my root installation (ROOTSYS):

$ find . -name TGLViewer.h -print

can you check if you have it in $ROOTSYS/include ?

Thanks Olivier,

Your test was the way I found that the file was missing. If it is an error, I can just add the file from the source distribution assuming this is a particular bug in the f26 binary distro. I have rechecked that the file is indeed missing. However the following related files are present:

find $ROOTSYS/include -name “TGL*.h”

Is there somewhere where the build options for a binary distro can be checked, and is there a particular option enabling it?

I am note sure about that. May be @amadio can tell more. In my case I just did a git clone of the ROOT repository and then a normal install. And the file you are looking for is there.

Due to a problem in the node where the binary distribution was built (it did not have OpenGL installed), the binaries were built with OpenGL disabled. We will fix this in future releases, but for now I think that you will need to build from sources to get TGLViewer. See ROOT-9504 for further information.

Thank you both for tracking this down!

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