TGLText, text with openGL


I am trying to draw text in 3D space using openGL.
From description, TGLText seem to be the class I wanted to use.
I try to produce simple “test” text using short code below.
It returned blank openGL screen.

Is there an example where I can see how TGLText is used?

examples from tutorial worked fine, so I think
openGL etc. is setup correctly.

Thank you in advance.


#include "TGLText.h"
void test()
TCanvas *can = new TCanvas(“canvas”);
Double_t x = 0.0;
Double_t y = 0.0;
Double_t z = 0.0;
TGLText blah(x,y,z,“test”);



TGLText is not meant to be used by end user right now (It has no Draw(0 method). That’s only an interface to FTGL. It is meant to be used by internal GL code.

thank you for the reply.

What class should I use then to draw text in 3D space?

Thank you,