TF2 and SURF option

Dear rooters,

I cannot manage to draw correctly a TF2 with the SURF[1,2,3] option, see the picture attached.
I would expect it to behave like a TH2 with SURF, so all the values should have a different color according to the palette, but for some reason the contour in the palette are not matched at all with value of the function.
Any idea?


I tried ROOT 5.34/34 and 6.06/00 and in both cases I get “correct” pictures from:
TF2 *f = new TF2(“f”, “sin(x)sin(y)/(xy)”, 1e-5, 5, 1e-5, 5); f->Draw(“surf2z”);
So, I think you need to provide a macro which reproduces your problem (and write which ROOT version and on which system / compiler).

My bad, I had these lines in my rootlogon.C:

gErrorIgnoreLevel = kError;

and so I didn’t see the root message:

So, it’s not possible to draw more than 8 levels with the SURF option?

Ok, it looks like the limit is 99 contour levels, which is enough.

also note: