Text3D a la TPolyLine3D

Dear Rooters,

I am working on a replacement of GPHIGS the 3D graphics package e.g. used
in the LEP experiment OPAl. In fact with TPolyLine3D and TPolyMarker3D I have
already 95% of the problem solved

Now I am looking for something like Text3D and 3D fill area.
I think there is nothing directly availabe but may be somebody has a hint.
I know Text3D could be implemented as TPolyLine3D but I am trying to avoid that work.


Hi Otto,

Do you need real 3D text, text in the plane but located at a 3D position ? ROOT uses FTGL in place like TEve to draw 3D text but then you will need to use OGL. And the 3D primitive you are using now (line and marker) are not using OGL. So that might be a big change in your software.
For the 3D fill areas what do you want exactly ? if it is triangles it can be done, but a 3D surface is more tricky.


Hi Olivier,
to get a feeling what I am talking about you might look at this:
New version of GROPE, OPAL’s interactive Event Display using OpenGL

E.g. I would like to shade the magenta or yellow blocks and write labels at the arrows,
but of course the labels should stay at the arrows when the detector is rotated in 3D.

Users at CERN on lxplus (in fact everyone running SL5.8 with AFS-access to CERN)
can do:

export GROPE=/afs/cern.ch/user/s/schaileg/public/grope_sl5 source $GROPE/iniRopePath.sh grope.exe

If you are using OPenGL already may be you should look like at what is done in TEve. Or may be use TEve directly.