TEve Browser: making tab with File Camera Help to be shown at start

I find the information in the tab, below Viewer tab, with File Camera Help, very useful. But by default it is hidden. Only moving very precisely with the mouse over it, it appears, and can then made permanent. How can I start the eve browser without Hide Menus ticked?

thanks, Thomas

I am not sure which tab you are talking about…

no idea how to add picture here. The tab is marked yellow:

and the culprit is the Hide Menu ticked on.


in $ROOTSYS/etc/system.rootrc I can see Eve related settings. one is:

Eve.Viewer.HideMenus:    1

may be try to change it to 0

I had tried with
gEnv = ROOT.gEnv
gEnv.SetValue(‘Eve.Viewer.HideMenus’,0), also -1 at start of my python script, which had no effect. Also setting in system.rootrc has no effect.


I have sent your questions to the TEve author. He will answer you.

Apparently, gEnv.SetValue(‘Eve.Viewer.HideMenus’,‘off’) does the job, as indicated in the class documentation. root.cern.ch/doc/master/classTEveViewer.html. Took me awhile to find out.
problem solved.

Good . Editing the file I mentioned before should be equivalent.