TEve Beginner Question


Im using TEve for the first time in the hope of eventually producing event displays for my experiment.

At the moment I’m just trying to run some of your example tutorials. I have tried macros and typing out lines in the command line.

Both times I see the same issue. Basically the TEveManager main window appears but the “canvas” is empty. I see the object ive created i.e. TEveBox listed and ticked in the side bar but the “canvas” just states “empty- click to select”. I tried ReDraw in the command line…no luck!

Am I missing something?

An help appreciated. I’m running in ssh from mac (10.14.6) to linux SL7 with -X -Y enabled. I can view most other regular graphics objects including TBrowser and objects within the TBrowser and also open-up GUI based text editors so not sure what the issue is.

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TEve requires OpenGL. But I guess you have it.
I am sure @matevz can help you.

defaults write org.macosforge.xquartz.X11 enable_iglx -bool true was the issue. Just typed that in my terminal on home computer and fixed.


So you’re good for now? Don’t hesitate to ask if you get in trouble … just mention me as @matevz to the post so I also get the email, otherwise I only check the forum once per day.


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