"test_with_dictionaries" project

In root I see there is a “test_with_dictionaries” project.

root [0] test

I cannot find it in $ROOTSYS

grep -e "test_with_dictionaries" -rn $ROOTSYS

Can I look at this project? I would like to see the LinkDef.h, Makefile, tDict_rdict.pcm, tDict.cc and rootmap files.

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nothing like that I the GitHub repo:

% git grep test_with_dictionaries

And running test as you did simply gives:

root [0] test
input_line_10:2:3: error: use of undeclared identifier 'test'

May be I am missing something.

mac-135395:src (pairOffset) pcanal$ cd roottest
mac-135395:roottest (Issue-6443) pcanal$ git grep test_with_dictionaries
root/meta/genreflex/XMLParsing/experimentsSelectionXMLs/DataFormats_Common_classes_def.xml: <class name="test_with_dictionaries::IntValue" ClassVersion="10">
root/meta/genreflex/XMLParsing/experimentsSelectionXMLs/DataFormats_Common_classes_def.xml: <class name="test_with_dictionaries::IntValue2" ClassVersion="10">

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