TCanvas + wheell mouse

Hi rooters,

anybody has a hint / recipe how to use the wheel mouse with with a
TCanvas which has scroll bars, i.e I would like to scrolll like within a
xterm say.


Hi Otto,
btw “how xterm says?” :confused:

Regards. Valeriy

I think “like in xterm” means to use Button4 and Button5 to scroll half-screen up and down (as X-server config usually assign wheel coordinates to these buttons).
I am not sure if this is true for Windows or MacOS :slight_smile:.

sorry , my post was unclear, I ll try again:

In a TCanvas which has scroll bars the wheel mouse works only if the pointer is in
the scrolllbar,
In a XTERM it works if the pointer is anywhere inside


Hi Otto,

Is it not becaue the xterm has only one scroll bar and the TCanvas two ? just a guess …


Hi Otto,
we implemented this feature. Must be in CVS today.

Thanks for idea. Regards. Valeriy

current step of mouse wheel scrolling
is 1 screen. It seems to be very rought.
I looked what step is in different programs under
windows and linux. I cannot decide what step
is preferable (or it should be dynamic).

Any sugestions?

Regards. Valeriy

I would prefer something like half a screen, one should make sure in any case
that some overlap of succeeding screens exists


Set to 1/4 screen.

Regards. Valeriy