TCanvas on Mac non-interactive in batch mode (pyroot, M1 Mac, XQuartz)

Hi, I am using root 6.26.10, although this issue has been bugging me since a couple of months at least. System is M1 Mac running 12.6.2, XQuartz 2.8.4, system python 3.9.6
When I execute a script that generates a TCanvas the little spinning wheel appears once I try to interact with the canvas (like clicking on it). When I execute the same script in interactive mode using python -i or if I create the Canvas “by hand” in the python shell everything works as expected, the canvas be interacted with.

This is my minimal example:

from ROOT import *
c = TCanvas()

Many thanks.

For that you need a TApplication.

No I do not. I works as it has always worked with linux for example.

Do you have a C++ script reproducing this ?

The issue only appears for me with python, in C++ it is fine.

Ok, may be @vpadulan might have some clue in that case.

I can’t reproduce on Linux (as was already hinted by OP) and I don’t have an M1 mac at hand. Will try to find some way to reproduce this.