<TBrowser::TBrowser>: The ROOT browser cannot run in batch mode

i m trying to open root file via TBrowser command but it say "Warning in TBrowser::TBrowser: The ROOT browser cannot run in batch mode
(TBrowser &) Name: Browser Title: ROOT Object Browser
" i m working on remote system (lxplus).

Ijaz Ahmad

Welcome in the ROOT forum,

By definition, TBrowser is an interactive GUI allowing to see the content of ROOT files. The “ROOT’s batch mode” is a light mode in which the interactivity (graphics on screen, GUI …) is disabled. So in batch mode TBrowser, which is part of the interactive ROOT, is disabled.

Hi Ijaz ,

Just for info - new web-based RBrowser can be used in batch mode.
Just start ROOT with command root -b --web=server:8800.
After RBrowser is created, one can access it via URL like http://localhost:8800/win1/

See some more info how RBrowser can be used with remote ssh session:


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