TBrowser showing blank page and degrading clang

My TBrowser is showing a blank page when I open it locally. I read in another discussion that this is a problem with MacOS 14 and clang 15, so I want to degrade my version of clang to use it. The problem is that I am using the system clang and not one installed from homebrew. How do I go about it. Thanks

ps: I also tried with clang version 14.0.6 installed using homebrew and it is still not working

ROOT Version: 6.28
Platform: M1 MacOS 14
Compiler: clang version 15

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Thanks for posting this issue. I am sorry you are experiencing issues with macos14+clang15. This is unfortunately a known issue but already fixed (see for example GUI issue on macos 14.0 - #2 by couet). We’ll be releasing soon new ROOT releases that address this problem and will inform our community through the usual channels, including this forum.


Hi Danilo, Yes in the discussion you mentioned it said that a fix was merged. I thought it would have worked if I downloaded through source but unfortunately it didn’t. Would it be possible for you to suggest an alternative to this problem (other than using the web browser version) through changing versions for clang maybe?


Thanks a lot for the reminder.
What branch did you download (or rather “git clone”-d) and when?


I just followed the steps mentioned on the website Building ROOT from source - ROOT. The branch was latest-stable

I guess the fix says that it was merged with master so should I run git clone --branch master --depth=1 …?


Checking out master is a way to achieve this.
Or checking out the branch v6-30-00-patches if you want a preview of the 6.30 release without being at the bleeding edge.

Let us know how it goes.

Best and thanks for your patience,

Hi Danilo, I checked out master and now it is working fine (or atleast not showing a blank page anymore). Thank you for all your help

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Great to hear. Thanks for reporting!

I made a PR to backport it to 6.28.

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I applied the patch and it works perfectly ! Thanks

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