TBrowser Plot Options


I don’t know why but the last time when I wanna’ have a look at some data the TBrowser Plot Settings are totally weird… whyever huge error bars are drawn around the data points and I can get somehow get rid of them by choosing “SetLineAttributes/Errors/Rectangles”. But by overlaying two canvas the former will vanish.
And to be honest this only appears by using some older macros I inherited from a former guy in my working group :slight_smile:
I know there are possibilites to ensure same plot settings every time via a rootrc-file but it’s not used… it didn’t exist till I stumbled over that option and tried to do some stuff…

Does anyone know something how to solve that ? Thank you in advance!

Kind regards, -B

Can you provide a macro reproducing the problem ?


at first thank you! I would like to but I don’t know if this would be fine (he also is not often here…).
But: There are no plot settings given anywhere in the code, also not in the included files…

I’ll speak to him in occassion and return then. See you then and thanks again!


Try to add a drawing option:

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