TAxis with cyclic labels?

Is it possible to make a TGaxis/TAxis with labels that are cyclic i.e. 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3?

I want to add a second x-axis to a TGraph showing the value of a variable which depends upon the value of the x-axis but which runs from 0->1 repeatedly within the x-axis range.

Is this possible? How would I go about it?



There not such functionality. A way to do it would be to use alphanumeric labels like in the example $ROOTSYS/tutorials/hist/hlabels1.C .

But that might be not satisfactory. I think that an other way would be to have 3 transparent pads on top of the graph, next to each other, each one having a “1 2 3” axis, and you plot one individual new graph in each pad.

To help you further I would need a small example macro showing what you are trying to do.