TASImage::DrawDashLine:0: RuntimeWarning: Wrong input parame


I am getting flooded with the warning:

when plotting, and I cannot figure out where it comes from in order to fix the warning. Or alternatively find a way to switch off the message.

I tried to suppress the message with


but that did not make any effect.

Any tips?

do you have a small macro showing this problem ?


thank you very much for responding, and sorry for my slow response.

I did not have a small macro, but I have now figured out what happened. Seems like the problem occurred in connection with trying to set a line-style out of the allowed range in some way.

I had an automatic counter that was setting the line-style, and after commenting out that line, I did not get the warning anymore. However, I do not manage to reproduce the problem with a small macro, so there might be something else going on, which is ultimately causeing the warnings to appear.

Thanks anyway,

Yes that could explain.