TApplication in PyRoot

Dear all,

I’m trying to convert a c++ -root code to pyroot and I get an error at the TApplication section.
The code in c++ is below:

int main(int argc, char **argv)
TApplication app(“app”,&argc,argv);


//return 0;
How can i write this in python? I thought :

def main():
app = ROOT.TApplication(“app”, 0, 0)

but i get a TypeError:could not convert argument 2!


I guess @etejedor can help you.


Try with:

 app = ROOT.TApplication("app", ROOT.nullptr, ROOT.nullptr)

Thank you very much! It runs, although it shows this :Error in TApplication::TApplication: only one instance of TApplication allowed

FYI, TApplication is only required when building a standalone application, not when running scripts

yes thank you very much! i am new to this…

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