Syntax Highlighting for KATE

Hi All,

I am writing my c++ Macros, which I use in ROOT with KATE. I always wondered if someone already did something like the root.lang file for KATE. I tried to edit the c.xml file so that KATE does understand at least the basic keywords which works fine if i use C as language. I was hoping that the C++ Highlighting would inherit the basic c keywords from c.xml but apparently it does not work that way.However the cpp.xml file looks horrible (a lot Qdata stuff which i don’t understand) so i don’t know where to edit this language.

If someone has an idea how to Highlight ROOT keywords with KATE ( plus C++ ofc ) pls let me know.

Thank for the help

I just did a quick download of this editor.
On Mac I get some default colouring if I load a ROOT macro with the extension .C
I see also that there is some possible tuning in the preferences menu…
I am not using this editor myself but it looks like you can tune it via the preferences …


I am using Kate on a Debian Distribution. If i am opening a .C file only the normal C keywords are Highlighted, i mean that works dont get me wrong, but it would be so much easier if word like Double_t or TFile would be Highlighted aswell. I cant find any easy way to add keywords to the List of known keywords.

Thanks nevertheless

That’s a question for the “KATE forum” … if it exists …