Symbol lookup error in ROOT


I am getting some symbol lookup error while running my code in my CMS FNAL account.
Error is below:


[#1] INFO:Eval -- RooTreeDataStore::loadValues(BkgDataSet) Ignored 2 out of range events
[#1] INFO:DataHandling -- RooDataHist::adjustBinning(both): fit range of variable invmass expanded to nearest bin boundaries: [60,120] --> [60,120]
/cvmfs/ symbol lookup error: /uscms/homes/t/tmishra/work/CMSSW_10_2_22/src/SUSYAnalysis/test/eleFakePho/fit/ undefined symbol: _ZN11RooDCBShapeC1EPKcS1_R10RooAbsRealS3_S3_S3_S3_S3_S3_



some details of the environment. :

[tmishra@cmslpc153 fit]$ echo $PATH

[tmishra@cmslpc153 fit]$ echo $LD_LIBRARY_PATH

[tmishra@cmslpc153 fit]$ echo $ROOTSYS

Can anyone please suggest what the issue is.

Thanks in advance.

Can you explain a bit more what is your code (a minimal reproducer is enough) and how you run it. ?

I am running it as

root -b -q “FitKer.C+(0, 0, 30, 35, 60,120)”

The file is here :

Before executing your “FitKer.C” macro, you must make sure that ROOT loads the shared library which provides:

[...]$ c++filt _ZN11RooDCBShapeC1EPKcS1_R10RooAbsRealS3_S3_S3_S3_S3_S3_
RooDCBShape::RooDCBShape(char const*, char const*, RooAbsReal&, RooAbsReal&, RooAbsReal&, RooAbsReal&, RooAbsReal&, RooAbsReal&, RooAbsReal&)

For example, create a simple “rootlogon.C” file (in your current working directory):

{ // rootlogon.C

I have
#include “…/…/…/include/RooDCBShape.h”

in the above code.

and the file exist at that location.
Is it not enough ?

In principle, you should talk to your CMS colleagues about how to properly use / run it.

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