SVG faulty output of Print() with multiple histos on canvas

Hello everybody,
I am printing several histograms into SVG files. Whenever I print a single histogram into a file everything is fine.
On the other hand when I print a second histogram on a canvas and then use Print() to have both the histos plotted it happens that I get faulty SVG.
This is not happening if I ask for PDF or PNG files or any other image output I tried.

Opening the faulty SVG with firefox yields the followig error

XML Parsing Error: not well-formed
Location: file:///mnt/usb2/sync/Desktop/hWW/mET_components.svg
Line Number 150, Column 5:mET_

the faulty file is attached (please trim the txt extension due to forum posting limitations)

Any clue of what is wrong with this?
mET_components.svg.txt (12.2 KB)

This is not possible, SVG files are like EPS, GIF, JPG files, they can have only one picture in it. They are meant to display 2D graphics on a web page with a high level definition using vector graphics.

one canvas -> one SVG

but many histos can be put on a single canvas. so many histos on a SVG

And that should work. I just tried, it is fine for me (I cannot post the result here because the forum software does not allow the extension.svg).
Do you have a small macro reproducing the problem ?

I found what it was. SVG are just more sensitive to mistakes …
I had the title of the histo set by a variable. This variable was not converted into a string or a char, so a weired character was sometime appearing in the title name. Therefore the SVG sometime resulted not valid, while other times was ok, depending on how the non-char variable was translated in a char.

Other file formats, even vectorial one like PDF and EPS did not care about the mistake, while SVG did.

thanks for the replies.