Surface and Contour


I was wondering if we could draw a contour related to a surface on top side of the box and the surface inside the box. There is already an option “surf3” which draw a simple surface (“surf”) and draw a topography of the surface on top side of the box. What I needed is a combination of “surf1” /“surf2” and its contour on top side of the box. A combination of option like “surf2” and “cont” draw the contour on the surface that we might lose a part of contour if the surface has some peaks.


SURF3 is meant to do that… you want to invert the line drawing and the color drawing ? SURF3 draws the contour with color and the surface with lines. You want the inverse ?

Yes. You made my life easy :slight_smile:. I want to use color drawing for surface and lines for contour. Thanks for your time and reply.

Ok, That’s not available right now. I can have look.

I have implemented this new option. It is called SURF7.

Thanks a lot for your time.