Suppressing bins with 0 when h2d->Draw("TEXT")


I’m drawing a 2d histogram using the “TEXT” option. I get the # of sig digits via gStyle->SetPaintTextFormat(“5.2g”); but would like to suppress bins with 0 entries. How can I do that?

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Tae Min

[quote]but would like to suppress bins with 0 entries[/quote]what do you mean ? bins with content 0 does not drawing(printing). Anyway try:h2d->SetMinimum(1.0); h2d->Draw("TEXT");Jan

0 are not drawn anymore. See:
Very likely you are using an old ROOT version.

Hi, I have a bunch of correlation matrices that would look better if I could display the bins with 0 using “TEXT”. Is there any way to reactivate it in the new ROOT versions? I am working with v5.26. Here is what one the matrices look like for now:

This is an excellent example where empty cells must be drawn.
I have modified THistPainter::PaintText such that when gStyle->SetHistMinimumZero() has been called before cells with zeros will also be drawn.
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