Suppressed zero in histograms


I’ve noticed that in recent versions of ROOT (e.g. 4.01.03) some histograms are displayed with a suppressed zero. I haven’t investigated the problem in much depth but it seems to only occur on histograms in which all bins have entries. Is this a feature or a bug? Can it be toggled via a TStyle function?



We will add an option (TStyle or THistPainter)


Hi Rene,

Great, thank you. A global flag would be the best. I must come out in general favor of such global flags though I do appreciate that they introduce some dependency and additional complexity. But for the end user it’s great.

Is there a workaround that we can use in the meantime?



I will implement that global option. Meanwhile the workaround is to set the histogram minimum to 0 (SetMinimum)