Superimposing two histograms


I will make easier my situation to explain better my problems.
I carried out a fit considering two different configurations obtaining two folders.
In each folder I have .pdf files and a MCoutCONFIGURATION1(2).root file.
The .pdf files, with their colors, depict the PDF for each parameter of my model.
I opened the .root files using ROOT Object Browser; I tried superimposing two histograms using the option “same”.

However ROOT Object Browser doesn’t remember the colors (their position) appearing in the .pdf files, which are very important for my work. ROOT Object Browser only produces the contours of the plots.

I would obtain a plot with the same colors (in the same positions) of the .pdf files. How could I do? Is there a transparency option?

Thank you

It is not really easy to understand what you are doing exactly …
Why are you using the Object Browser ?
It seems easier to use a few lines macro …