Superimposing 2 TGraphs - postscript output


I am trying to print (and view in gv) two superimposed TGraphs. I found some code to do it using google ( and it appears to work fine on the canvas. However, when I save the canvas as a postscript file the offset axes are visible when I view it in gv and/or when I print it.

I’ve pasted below the code I found on the web but with saving as postscript included. You can try it and see what I mean in the postscript output.

Any ideas on how to get around this?

test.C (2.33 KB)

With ROOT 4.00/04 on linux I do not see this problem. PS and PDF files are exactly the same as what you see screen.

Quite right. I upgraded to version 4.00/04 and it works fine now. Thanks.