Suitable function for the distribution

Hi everyone,
i am totally new to root world and using roofit. can anybody please check the distribution and suggest me a function. I tried with many functions like, gaus+exp,crystal ball, landau and with others too. but this doesn’t work.

The “function” should correspond to the “physics” that you want to describe.

Try to fit your data rejecting the very first point (or even the first two points).
Try to use the “L” (“WL”) and / or “I” fit options.

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thanks for ur reply.
This is basically the background decaytime.I will reject it , But if you even suggest me the functional form it would be really great. It doesn’t fit well with exp decay. I have shown the distribution from 0.5-10 , but 0-10 it looks somewhat like gaus+exp.

Discuss it with your supervisor and / or colleagues. They should be able to tell you what “function” to use in order to describe the “physics” of that particular experimental or simulated data.

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