Suggestion: ShowProjectionX|Y inheritance of log scales


Could the projected histograms made by ShowProjectionX,Y inherit from the log scales of the original 2D histogram ?
Namely a logz would become a logy and a log on x,y a logx.
I used a modified DynamicSlice macro to do that and I find it missing in the new function.

Looking into the code only those 2 lines would be needed after the c->cd() line:
in THistPainter::ShowProjectionX:

c->SetLogy(padsav->GetLogz()); c->SetLogx(padsav->GetLogx());
and in THistPainter::ShowProjectionY

c->SetLogy(padsav->GetLogz()); c->SetLogx(padsav->GetLogy());
Bets Regards, Vincent.


Thanks for the suggestion. We will implement it.


Now implemented in the CVS head. Thanks for the suggestion.