Suggestion for next version: root files from command line

Dear developers,

quite so often I need to open a root file which ends with .root.N where N is some number.
However, if I try to open the file from the command line it won’t work

$root test.root.1

root [0]
Processing test.root.1…
Error: Bad source file(binary) /data3/synt/r1306/physics-all-L1Calo/./test.root.1 test.root.1:1:
Error: Symbol test is not defined in current scope test.root.1:1:
Error: Failed to evaluate test.root()
*** Interpreter error recovered ***

It would be very nice if you could implement the possibility to read these files straight from the command line.


I am sure you already thought of it, but why don’t you simply name your files with the extension
.N.root ? …


or just run
$root file:test.root.1

Cheers, Axel.

Just in case you are wondering where the Axel solution is documented just do:

$ root -h
Usage: root [-l] [-b] [-n] [-q] [dir] [[file:]data.root] [file1.C ... fileN.C]