String operations in TTree::Draw()?

Hello ROOTers,

Is there a simple way to do



I played a bit around with TTreeFormula, but didn’t get it to work. When workarounding I created a Looper-Method (by MakeClass) and tried to do a

TH2I *h = new TH2I("h","h",10,0,10,10,0,10);
h->Fill(myString, a)

which doesn’t work either… it seem that TH2::Fill(char*, Double_t) is protected,

Oh before I forget this:
Would be nice to get it running on Windows with root5.very-old.34/36


It seems public in the current implementation:

Anyhow it doesn’t work in root 5.
When I’m doing

TH2I *h = new TH2I("h","h",100,0,100,500,0,500);   
for (...){

I’m getting:
Error in TH2I::Fill: Invalid signature - do nothing

Any other suggestions?


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