(Strange) library problem

Hi all,

I’m not quite sure whether this issue should be posted here but I suppose it’s somewhat relevant. I have code that I can successfully compile and run on lxplus while I face the compilation error below on my laptop(Ubuntu) using the same versions of ROOT(6.04.18) and RooFit(3.60). I’m also attaching my makefile. I would appreciate any comment.


rootcint -f Dict.cc -c LinkDef.h
all at /home/borabora/template_fit_diff_pt/src/LinkDef.h:3:34
g++ -pthread -std=c++11 -Wno-deprecated-declarations -m64 -I/home/borabora/root-6.04.18/include NormSystematics.cc ShapeSystematics.cc Dict.cc HistogramPlotter.cc SystematicsHelper.cc MathTools.cc combined_fit.cc -I/home/borabora/root-6.04.18/include -L/home/borabora/root-6.04.18/lib -I…/inc -L./ -L/home/borabora/root-6.04.18/lib -lCore -lRIO -lNet -lHist -lGraf -lGraf3d -lGpad -lTree -lRint -lPostscript -lMatrix -lPhysics -lMathCore -lThread -pthread -lm -ldl -rdynamic -lRooFit -lRooStats -lMathCore -lMinuit -lMLP -lTreePlayer -lRIO -lpthread -lrt -o combined_fit
/usr/bin/ld: /tmp/ccWtcMys.o: undefined reference to symbol ‘_ZN9RooArgSet3addERK9RooAbsArgb’
/home/borabora/root-6.04.18/lib/libRooFitCore.so: error adding symbols: DSO missing from command line
collect2: error: ld returned 1 exit status
make: *** [combined_fit] Error 1

Makefile.txt (1.6 KB)

Try with:

OTHERLIBS  =  -lRooStats -lRooFit -lRooFitCore ...


Thanks for the prompt response.

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