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I’m trying to fit a distribution using RooFit and the resulting fit looks strange. However, if I fit the same function using ROOT, I get a reasonably good fit.

This distribution comes from combining several samples with different normalisation weights and I was told that the default fit method, fitTo() can give poor results but I should try the chi2FitTo() method. (If this is true and is known, could someone explain why?)

If I use the values given by the ROOT fit, (“fixed”) then I get a seemingly good fit, but allow those parameters to float and the result is a very poor fit.

I’m also confused because if I generate an Asimov dataset from the created PDF, and then try to fit this I still see the strange effect. I would have thought that the PDF would fit the Asimov dataset perfectly (within statistical errors).

I’ve attached a script which should replicate my problem.

To explain the attached plot. I create a PDF and generate a dataset from this. These are the datapoints and red line which makes sense. The blue line is the result of the fit . I notice a similar but less severe problem when using the chi2FitTo() method.

Can someone tell me if I’m doing something wrong or inappropriate and how to fix it?

Chris (3.3 KB)

SlicedZ_uniformBins.root (8.3 KB)


I would not use chi2fit when fitting tails like you because it is biased due to the not correct handling of empty bins or bins with poor statistics. However a likelihood fit (weighted) should give you the correct result.

I cannot run your code because I miss the input data file

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Hi Lorenzo,

Thanks for your reply, sorry for my delayed response. I’ve attached the file to my original post. (Sorry for not attaching it before, I wasn’t sure who would have access to it on /afs .

Yes, I’d heard about the problem with empty bins. However, I still see a problem with the likelihood fit. (Unless there’s something special I need to do regarding the weights?)

Thanks for your help,

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