Strange electron trajectories

Hi guys, I would like to ask a question.
I want to output the electron transport trajectory, but the result is shown below, the electron trajectory is accompanied by a lot of marks like “ions”, I’m not sure why this phenomenon occurs? Maybe it’s caused by electron collisions? How to remove it?

I tried to change the CollisionMarkerSize, and the markers in the graph will also change.

I am sur @hschindl can help you.

Hi @keino,
based on the snippet of code you sent, I would expect two types of markers on the plot: cluster markers indicating the position of the clusters on the track (in “kGreen + 3”) and attachment markers indicating the coordinates of the attachment collisions (normally drawn in kCyan + 3). Could it be one of those two?

Thank you for your reply.
I think it’s more like kGreen+3,I’ve enlarged the diagram a little bit, you can see it please.

Hi guys, this problem is solved.
It should be caused by excited gas molecules, EnableExcitationMarkers(false) solved the problem!

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