Strange behavior when moving fitpanel over a canvas


After fitting an histogram using the fitpanel and moving e.g. the window ‘set parameters of gauss’ over
the canvas erases the plot as shown in the attached image. Is it a known behavior?

Thank you in advance,

Bertrand Roessli

PS: I am using Root v5.32/02

On which machine ?


On Ubuntu 11/10.


I have ubuntu 12.04 and it is fine for me. I do not see this problem.
It is true that this parameter window seems to grab the focus. Seems to me the
graphics should reappear as soon as you close this window.

I have the same effect on scientific linux 6 as well. In fact the plot is restored either after closing the fitpanel or by left clicking on the canvas.

It might be an issue with the way your window manager is setup.


you were right. The problem disappeared after upgading to Ubuntu 12/04.


Bertrand Roessli