Strange behavior of TPaveText

Dear Rooters,

I wanted to draw some labels using a TPaveText in root 5.20.

When I entered TLatex code, the result was written verbatim, i.e. no latex was produced. It was only after (quite) some time that I realized that I had accidentally set TPaveText::SetTextFont(0);

Even though I compiled the macro, there was no error message whatsoever, the only effect was the non-rendering of latex.

In the TAttText documentation it says:

so SetTextFont(0) should simply not be allowed, or am I missing something which could allow this case?

The code snippet below reproduces the problem

best regards


   TCanvas *c1 = new TCanvas("c1");
   TPaveText *pt = new TPaveText(.05,.1,.95,.8);

   pt->AddText("#frac{2s}{#pi#alpha^{2}}  #frac{d#sigma}{dcos#theta} \
   (e^{+}e^{-} #rightarrow f#bar{f} ) = #left| #frac{1}{1 - #Delta#alpha} \
   #right|^{2} (1+cos^{2}#theta)");


Font 0 is valid. I will check the help and complete it if it is not mentioned.
Thanks to have seen this.

In fact when the font precision is 0 TLatex is painted as a normal text. I made it clear in the TLatex doc (svn head).