Store figure as object


I wish to save my figures as object-files so that I can copy them into e.g. a power-point document and be able to edit them from pp. I have seen this be done from Mathematica where a figure was stored as a “Metafile” and copied into pp. In pp it was then possible to “unfold” the figure so all its components, text, axes, lines, etc, could be edited. From there it was possible to change written text, rearrange points, change colors, wahtever you might wish to do. Is this possible from ROOT? How??

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This is not (yet) possible with ROOT. The only vector graphics files ROOT can generate right now are PS, PDF and SVG but none of them can be imported in in Power-Point and then edited using the PPT graphics editor. We should find out the format of this “Metafile” Mathematica is generating and then implement the same feature in ROOT.


Actually I just realised that I can do this (at least to some extent, I am not sure that it is as flexible as Metafile) with the .eps! Simply insterting picture from file and doing ungroup.


btw, good point for TODO list.

IMHO, it’s possible(&necessary) to implement
class TEMF : public TVirtualPS