Still having problems generating dictionaries on Windows with v6.24 and VS2019

after upgrading to v6.24.00 I’m still not able to generate dictionaries in my Windows application.
The situation is the same as my previous post here

where the answer was that the solution would have been the upgrade to LLVM 9.0.

In attachment the output I get from the simple command

rootcling eventdict.cxx -c TEvent.h TTrack.h

Can you suggest a version of visual studio 2019 with which this command has been tested?
In any case I hope that the use of rootcling will not limit the version of VS 2019 that can be used.

Thanks for your help.

output.txt (2.8 KB)

Our windows expert, @bellenot, is absent for the time being. He may help when he will be back. As your question is rootcling related may be @Axel has an idea about it.


First of all, there are several errors in TEvent.h and TTrack.h in documentation.
After fixing these errors I able to generate dictionary for them with command:

rootcling_stage1 dict.cxx -c TEvent.h TTrack.h

TEvent.h (567 Bytes)
TTrack.h (706 Bytes)

I build recent ROOT on my Windows from source.


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Thanks for your suggestion.
I’ve finally managed to build ROOT from source with my current version of Visual Studio, 16.9.5, and my own built rootcling now is working.
So maybe the problem was that the rootcling coming with the ROOT windows package was built with a previous version of VS2019 which for some reason is no more “compatible” with the current one.

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