Still got the same issue while building ROOT6 on VS 2019

Actually, I am using the same environment as Building and Executing ROOT6 on Windows with VS2019. However, still get the same issue as described in this ticket.
It looks like it is still not fixed on root_v6.20.02.win32.vc16.exe and root_v6.22.02.win32.vc16.debug.exe.

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This is really weird. Which exact version of Visual Studio are you using? How did you configure your project?

My Visual Studio is Professional 2019 (16.8.2)
Here is my project organization and I have add root’s include and lib path, and also libs.
In fact, I followed the idea in Building and Executing ROOT6 on Windows with VS2019 and have solved the problem. Here, I just want to tell you guys that the issue still exists.

Well, I never managed to reproduce the issue described in this report. And note that there is an incompatibility issue between the latest Visual Studio (since v16.8.0) and LLVM, and one cannot build ROOT or generate dictionaries with it

Hmm, if I understand you correctly, you mean that your building is on the version before v16.8.0 with LLVM, and there is no problem, but equal to or after v16.8.0, the incompatibility happens, right?

Yes, but the issue is for dictionaries generation only (LLVM is used internally by the interpreter). Regarding the issue with RWrap_libcpp_string_view.h, it’s probably due to an incompatible configuration (e.g. wrong compiler flag)

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